I came to my site to do some updates, as I'm in the process of finishing it out and making it look a bit more professional.  I decided I should make a new blog, since my last one was on this same day last year.  Three cheers for that consistency.

That being said, I think I did achieve my goal from last year of becoming markedly nicer with music production.  I made some of my most favorite beats ever in 2017.  Shared some, will rap on others and got some good feedback on them!  I've also been putting some of my music up for use on stock sites like pond5.com!

for 2018 I've been focusing on making sure I am improving in film/video production as well.  I've been looking to leave my current job and find new opportunities to do full time filmmaking or production.  I'm also interested in taking on new and varied clients, because working as an independent filmmaker/producer doesn't seem like a bad idea either.

up until now, aside from the documentary work i've done, my main freelance work has been directing and producing music videos.  i enjoy it a great deal, but I also want to expand my reach a bit and get into brand storytelling for small businesses and restaurants.  

currently i'm working on a short piece for a friend who is a painter, and in a few weeks I'll be going to upstate new york to do a short profile on another friend, who left her job at the glass museum up there to be a full time farmer, who also produces her own soaps, lotions and other naturally made materials.  check out craftfarm.co when you get a chance.

in addition to restructuring my site,  i'm also in the process of creating new content to add to my portfolio, so I can really get out there and try to land some more clients by the end of the year. 

i'm also considering using youtube as another means to create more content.  i'm still in the process of nailing down what my channel would focus on, but it will most likely be a mix of filmmaking related content, a recurring music profile series i've been developing, and some more fun items like mango reviews, and sharing of the freelance work i direct/produce, like music videos and comedy sketches

thats all for now.  get outside and enjoy spring, whenever it decides to actually show up