its been hella months since i've updated this.  i feel i pretty much only do it for me at this point, and that's ok. 

i just finished editing a really funny sketch for some writer/actors in the DC area.  we will be releasing that shortly.  

aside from that i am in pre-production on 2 projects, in the recording stages of completing a new EP, and i've been making a ton of beats.  oh and i'm going to try my hand at a rap themed podcast!  i feel like i stay busy, but not necessarily on the same thing, which is good i guess.  but id like to do better overall, with keeping all these plates up in the air.

one of my 2017 resolutions was to get 'markedly nicer with my beat game', and i think it's a resolution i will end up keeping for once.

before i started filming anything, or rapping, i wanted to be a producer.  the neptunes, manny fresh, rza, swizz beats, dj premier, pete rock and alchemist were my influences.  i started making beats after college when i found an MPC2000xl for sale in a pawn shop, but rapping eventually took over.  my beats weren't that good but hey had potential. the process was tedious for an unorganized young man working on a standalone machine, so i focused more on songwriting

recently though, i've gotten used to working in Fruity Loops on my mac, so i've rediscovered my love of beatmaking, which has been awesome. instead of digging through records for samples now, i dig through youtube, or i try to compose original melodies, which is a fun challenge.

im going to finally start posting them online more to share this spring/summer, but ideally i want to get into licensing them out for stock houses or even getting placements with rappers/singers or commercial spots.  until then, i will just use them, to spin in mixes and do my own kinda bootleg soulection radio show thing.

so yeah, that's my every so often check in.  hopefully ill be back with an update sooner than later next time.