The site is finally up, i'm pretty sure

Though it took 4 months according to the dates, this site came together in a matter of days!  I just have to make sure i keep it up to date!

whats new with me and Mango City?  we are releasing a new video tomorrow.  I love Mass Appeal's Rhythm Roulette series.  I'm pretty much addicted and can't get enough, so I decided to shoot my own with producer Mental da God.  It came out dope and i'm stoked to share it.  I also hope to get more DC producers interested in letting me shoot a RR for them.  I want to do a whole DMV region season, truth be told,  I have a shortlist of producers I want to work with so far, so I'm hoping I can use this first one as a calling card to sell them on it.  

Also, my girlfriend's sister had a baby this morning, so I went to go meet a brand new human, which was pretty dope.  

I'll be shooting a wedding for the first time in a million years this weekend, and after that, beginning pre-production on a new music video for a christian rap artist to be named later.  I'll keep y'all posted, and if you want to follow me on some of my daily misadventures, follow me on snapchat: @pifftannen

the last snapchat story i had was when i was at work trying to panini-press up my ordinary lunch sandwich, but someone had put a beef patty in the panini press, and didn't clean up, so it was just covered in meat drippings.  what can i say, i work with some savages sometimes.