its been hella months since i've updated this.  i feel i pretty much only do it for me at this point, and that's ok. 

i just finished editing a really funny sketch for some writer/actors in the DC area.  we will be releasing that shortly.  

aside from that i am in pre-production on 2 projects, in the recording stages of completing a new EP, and i've been making a ton of beats.  oh and i'm going to try my hand at a rap themed podcast!  i feel like i stay busy, but not necessarily on the same thing, which is good i guess.  but id like to do better overall, with keeping all these plates up in the air.

one of my 2017 resolutions was to get 'markedly nicer with my beat game', and i think it's a resolution i will end up keeping for once.

before i started filming anything, or rapping, i wanted to be a producer.  the neptunes, manny fresh, rza, swizz beats, dj premier, pete rock and alchemist were my influences.  i started making beats after college when i found an MPC2000xl for sale in a pawn shop, but rapping eventually took over.  my beats weren't that good but hey had potential. the process was tedious for an unorganized young man working on a standalone machine, so i focused more on songwriting

recently though, i've gotten used to working in Fruity Loops on my mac, so i've rediscovered my love of beatmaking, which has been awesome. instead of digging through records for samples now, i dig through youtube, or i try to compose original melodies, which is a fun challenge.

im going to finally start posting them online more to share this spring/summer, but ideally i want to get into licensing them out for stock houses or even getting placements with rappers/singers or commercial spots.  until then, i will just use them, to spin in mixes and do my own kinda bootleg soulection radio show thing.

so yeah, that's my every so often check in.  hopefully ill be back with an update sooner than later next time.



old age

well, the wedding i shot went as well as could be expected.  the last wedding i shot was around 8 years ago i think. the footage is looking nice so i think my friend and her wife will be happy with it.  

i hurt my back this past weekend, doing absolutely nothing.  i'm starting middle age off on a good step, heh.   

at first i was really paranoid i had done irreversible damage, but a few days later and i seem to be on the mend, its just going very slowly.  we don't bounce back like we used to.

 i always like to say 'you're only as old as you feel' because most of the time i feel like i'm still in my 20's.  now after this back episode, i feel like i'm 100.  once i'm healed up, it'll be time to get back into the gym on a regular basis. straight yokeage. 

the rhythm roulette video we made is doing pretty well online, and has seemed to generate a good amount of discussion in the comments.  i'm being diplomatic by calling it discussion. hip hop fans can be very opinionated on hip hoppy things, so some people were very concerned with our rhythm roulette video, even tho there are hundreds of people making their own versions on youtube.  some people liked it, some people didn't, but i'm glad they all watched.  it was fun to create, and it's fun to see what people take away from it, good or bad.  

i'm locked in to shoot two more episodes with Grussle and J-$crilla, both very dope DC producers.  I'd love to get one with Mark Henry and Kev Brown to really round out the selection.  I've been reaching out to Mass Appeal because I really want to produce these episodes for them, but if they aren't interested, I will release them on my own, and call it a Rhythm Roulette Tribute or something.  I'm not sure how they curate their list of producers to work with, but DC has some heavy hitters, and I know other cities also have some great talent bubbling just under the surface that would love a shot at RR. it really is a show concept that can can be taken in a lot of directions.

i'm supposed to meet up with the homie Fleetwood this week to discuss a new web series idea I want to start producing.  it's a simple, but unique idea i've been sitting on for about 3 years at this point, and i don't want to sit on it anymore, so we are just going to start making it, and honing the concept as we continue to produce episodes.  i'll fill you in more on that shortly.

i'm off to the doctor to have him tell me what i already know: i'm getting old, my core is weak and i'm soft. wish me luck, and make something dope this week 'all. 

The site is finally up, i'm pretty sure

Though it took 4 months according to the dates, this site came together in a matter of days!  I just have to make sure i keep it up to date!

whats new with me and Mango City?  we are releasing a new video tomorrow.  I love Mass Appeal's Rhythm Roulette series.  I'm pretty much addicted and can't get enough, so I decided to shoot my own with producer Mental da God.  It came out dope and i'm stoked to share it.  I also hope to get more DC producers interested in letting me shoot a RR for them.  I want to do a whole DMV region season, truth be told,  I have a shortlist of producers I want to work with so far, so I'm hoping I can use this first one as a calling card to sell them on it.  

Also, my girlfriend's sister had a baby this morning, so I went to go meet a brand new human, which was pretty dope.  

I'll be shooting a wedding for the first time in a million years this weekend, and after that, beginning pre-production on a new music video for a christian rap artist to be named later.  I'll keep y'all posted, and if you want to follow me on some of my daily misadventures, follow me on snapchat: @pifftannen

the last snapchat story i had was when i was at work trying to panini-press up my ordinary lunch sandwich, but someone had put a beef patty in the panini press, and didn't clean up, so it was just covered in meat drippings.  what can i say, i work with some savages sometimes.



I haven't blogged in years.  Since the MySpace days really.  I've been working most of the day to get my site up and running and it's taking a bit of time, but it's fun.  Keep up with my different creative projects and spontaneous thoughts on here or my tumblr.